Saturday, December 24, 2011

I am unable to find鈥? Appreciate help!?

Go to their main page first and then go to your account.

How can i find out if my ip is dynamic?

i have windstream,but i have tried to change my ip address before,If it is static,is there anyway i change it?|||IP address is given by your ISP. If it is dynamic, you can change it by logout and login again.

Static address can't be changed.

You can use proxy servers if you want anonymous ip addresses.

I am not a real computer guy.I need help to get the old yahoo page back?

I can't get used to this new page. I will have to go with Windstream for my home page.|||To return to the original homepage and Keep it, clear the browser cache of cookies and temp files, THEN RESTART the computer, if you don't restart, then it won't stay. Then use this link. You can also click under About Yahoo, return to classic homepage at the bottom, but that won't stay, it usually returns to the new page. Some get a blank page or a scrambled page.|||Not sure what browser you are using, but generally go to options and on the main tab it should say what your home page is set to, and just type in what you want for example and push apply! That should do the trick.|||I don't like the new yahoo either. There should be a link on the yahoo mail page at the top left hand corner next to sign out that says that says yahoo classic. Click on this.|||There should be a button to puch in the top right hand corner of the new yahoo homepage.|||Look at the bottom right of the page, below About Yahoo! and you'll see Return To Classic; just click on that and you're set.|||just check the url

Which modems are compatible with windstream dsl?

In theory ANY DSL modem should work, but might be worth asking them if they reccomend any.

After all if you have problems it helps if their support staff know the hardware they try to advise on.

Why does my ethernet and internet lights blink and my laptop is slow?

I called windstream and could hardly hear then person except just a moment.. I was on the phone with her for 19 minutes and she still couldn't give me a answer|||Clean your system and particularly browsers with RegInOut to fix this.

Why does my internet go out when it rains?

I've had Windstream dsl for about a year now and I've had problems with it since I got it, but it seems like it's worse when it is raining. I had a technician come to my house to look at it but he just sat at my computer for 20 minutes, did nothing, said it was fine, and charged me $45. I can't get them to do anything about any problems I have with their dsl inside or outside the house. What should I do?|||The problem is that you have DSL, switch to cable internet.|||u cant do anything about it when it rains since all the radio waves will be slowed down or get corrupted during the rain thus destroying the connection|||i think its because the cables underground go retarded|||the water leaks into the cabling

Yes its true!

speak to your telephone provider.|||We had windstream too and whenever it rained or snowed a lot, our internet and t.v. service cut out... don't call them and waste the money for them to look at the stuff - it's so NOT worth it. They'll just keep charging your for something they know is never going to be fixed because that's just what's wrong with their service. Bah, stupid windstream.|||the problem is not on your PC, it is on the ISP(internet service provider) you call the hotline if your ISP they should take charge of that, and ni payment needed.|||i suspect u have a crappy internet service provider.if u connect to a router through your isp, the packets should travel through the best path once it get that far, to its destination. The problem probably was with wires or some connection between your computer and your ISP. If it works when it is sunny, probably a wet switch outdoors needs to be replaced. complain and track it the best you can.|||cancel it . they ask you why. tell them the problem and how their technician charged you $45. and be a bit angry. lol and watch them saying sorry and hopefully they will really fix it

Can i get a modem that is not from my Internet Service Provider?

Say i get a motorola modem even though i hav windstream|||you need to check with your ISP to find out what modems are compatible with there service|||Yep. 2Wires are the easiest to come by. You can probably pick one up at your local computer store. They are also the same brand that AT%26amp;T uses. Most modern modems have a wifi router built into them. If this is to your liking, I would expect to spend around 80 bucks. Keep in mind, no matter what modem you have, you are most likely going to need to configure the device to match whatever settings your ISP requires.|||Better to get router / modem. But there ae some non-standard ISPs whose required settings for the connection require changing protocols configurations, and one or two who even require a firmware update on the router.